The Mauldin Cultural Center [MCC] is the product of community partners all with the vision of developing a community Cultural Center for the City of Mauldin on the grounds of the original Mauldin High School and later Mauldin Elementary School.  The building was constructed in 1937 as  a WPA Project and has since seen a few minor updates as the schools grew.  In 2003, the City of Mauldin began the process of purchasing the 14 acre property as the first step toward creating a City Center.  The City constructed the Mauldin Sports Center as the first phase of this initiative on the property and then turned attention to the old school building.  The facility is a city-owned property and is managed by the Office of Cultural Affairs.


Currently, the Mauldin Cultural Center hosts almost 30,000 people and over 1,000 events annually.  Class, performances, exhibits, community meetings and private rentals are among the various offerings at the MCC.




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