Our community educational sessions are provided by professionals qualified in their field. We offer coaching, classes, workshops, seminars and more. Be sure to check back here often as sessions are continuously added! If you are interested in hosting a session, contact us.

For more information on any session listed below, be sure to check the description first for administration contact information, as they handle all class details including scheduling and pricing.

*There are currently no upcoming community workshops/classes. Please check back soon!*


If you are looking to incorporate the arts at your next event or program, we can assist in connecting you to artists or organizations that provide a particular service. We also conduct community outreach throughout the year with public performances, art installations/displays and various community events.


We’re also home to many community organizations – check them out and get involved!


If you are an artist or arts organization looking for assistance on a specific project or issue, our team can assist you by providing guidance, research or other forms of support. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the arts field. Schedule a time to come and meet with our team and let us help you!